When someone dies, the person named in his or her will as personal representative or executor files papers in the local probate court. The purpose of the probate process is to prove the validity of a will, inventory the deceased person’s property, pay debts and taxes, and distribute the remaining property as the will (or state law if there is no will) directs.

If a person dies without a will, the court appoints a personal representative, who is also known as an administrator.

Serving as the executor or administrator of a loved one’s will is an important responsibility. Most individuals are unfamiliar with the proper legal procedures that must be completed, however. Attempting to navigate the process without assistance from an experienced probate lawyer can result in costly mistakes and legal action by heirs.

North Versailles Estate Administration Lawyer

Estate administration can be a complicated process. There are a number of laws and rules to follow, and it can be overwhelming for a person who is trying to cope with the loss of a loved one.

The law firm of Richard J. Catalano, P.C., in North Versailles, handles all aspects of Pennsylvania estate administration, including:

  • Probate
  • Collection of debts and assets
  • Transfers by affidavit
  • Notice to creditors and beneficiaries
  • Inventories
  • Distributions

Plan, Prepare And Protect With Assistance From Our Experienced Estate Planning Attorneys

Preparation is the key to ensuring a smooth transition of assets following one’s death. As part of our estate administration practice, we also prepare wills, trusts, general powers of attorney, durable health care powers of attorney and living wills.

A person’s assets are a reflection of his or her accomplishments and careful planning. It only makes sense to make sure they are distributed according to that person’s wishes upon death.

If you have estate planning questions, or if you find yourself in the role of personal representative for a loved one’s will, contact us to discuss how we can help you and your family. Our Pittsburgh probate lawyers will review the facts of your situation during a free consultation and recommend the best steps to take.